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Wellness Through Alternative and

Complementary Therapies

Would you like to increase your performance, cut your recovery time and increase vitality, and improve your sleep?

Do you have aches and pains, suffer from anxiety, PTSD, insomnia, or seasonal affective disorder? Do you carry a few extra pounds around your midsection? Suffering from Chronic pain from new or old injuries? If you’re looking for relief from chronic pain and injury soreness? Are the drugs and prescriptions that western medicine offers not putting you on your path to wellness? Looking for a holistic choice for true comfort and healthful living?

Your Wellness Center in

Park City

The Center for Better Living Is a wellness sanctuary for holistic-minded individuals who believe in the body’s restorative power. At the Center for Better Living, you can receive holistic, non-invasive, and drug-free options that can increase your vitality and energy while leaving you feeling invigorated. Restore your entire body system through massage Park City along with proven alternative therapies that have helped thousands with sports injuries, training recovery, and PTSD.

Park City Massage


Feel good from the inside out

We offer regenerative massage therapy from highly skilled and well-trained therapists. They can custom tailor a massage that is right for you. Whether it is before or after a competition or helping to recover from an injury. Perhaps you are looking for physical maintenance on your body. Massage Park City can improve blood circulation and release fascia, trigger points, and knots. With restorative massage, tissue can be gently moved as close as possible back to the tissue’s original location.

Exploring other


Alternative Treatments for PTSD and Anxiety

Do you deal with chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, SAD, or PTSD daily? The Center for Better Living offers several alternative modalities to assist clients. Take advantage of our float sauna to rewire the autonomic nervous system.

Complementary Alternative Therapy

Our team collaborates with other western and holistic healthcare providers to allocate specific targeted services needed for clients. We can work with your current medical practitioner and offer referrals to other physicians best suited to your healthcare needs.

High Quality Nutritional


I take pride in looking into, researching, looking near and far for the best, highest quality supplements to offer my clients, which is why the supplements that are used at The Center for Better Living are sourced from a company which provides high-quality products that are bioavailable for your body system. These supplements are easily broken down and assimilated into your bloodstream. Therefore, you receive the maximum benefit when your body can digest and use the supplements you are taking.

Massage Park City

Alternative Therapies

For Men

Feel good from the inside out

You may be living in Park City because you enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Being outdoors and taking pleasure in the many activities Park City has to offer brings many people to our area. As we age, our bodies can take longer to recover from continuous activity.

Many of our male clients are full-time athletes or weekend warriors who use massage therapy Park City and floatation consistently to help recuperate from their training routine faster and more effectively. Additionally, many men who lead the athletic lifestyle also use our Float Tank for pain reduction to get back to training more effectively.

Holistic Therapies

For Women

Our female clients love the IR Sauna to detoxify and for its potential anti-aging process. Women are looking to feel better, look younger, and live longer. Many of the women seeking treatment at the Center for Better Living enjoy using the IR Sauna for its youthful benefits. The most common comment we hear is that women often feel that they glow as they purge toxins from the inside and have more energy after using the IR Sauna.

If you’re suffering from chronic headaches, poor circulation, and PMS muscle cramping, you may find relief with our Bio Mat treatments. Relax and spend “me time” laying on a mat for an hour while this treatment assists your body with circulation.

Come to our Park City massage therapy center if you are interested in sleeping better, reducing joint and muscle aches and pain, and creating a better version of yourself! We can provide you with a plan to create a daily sense of well-being so you can live a better life.

Alternative Drug-Free Treatments for

Anxiety and PTSD

GAD or General Anxiety Disorder can be relieved with the float tank and FSM – which treat PTSD, insomnia, and general anxiety disorders. If you are experiencing poor sleep quality, not enough sleep, or daily anxiety, using one or a combination of these modalities can allow you to break free of the stress and somatic pain. Experience a life of daily living where you feel better, are pain-free, and live with joy without the use of prescription medication.

lift your spirits and

Overall Energy

IR Sauna for Seasonal Affect Disorder

If you suffer from SAD or Seasonal Affect Disorder in the winter months, come in to see how our IR Sauna can lift your spirits and your overall energy. Feel better, lift your mind to an elevated state, and experience how IR Sauna can be your drug-free tool in your wellness toolkit to reduce or eliminate SAD.

Personal Holistic


Your Personal Holistic Wellness Plan

Set up a time for a consultation to create your personalized wellness plan. Learn what modalities you can use for better health and better living. Catered to your personal preferences and symptoms, we can create a plan that fits into your busy lifestyle and places you on your path to wellness.

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