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What is float therapy?

Floatation therapy harnesses that essential power and combines it with magnesium’s deeply relaxing properties and the calming, centering capabilities of restricted environmental stimulation therapy. In short, floatation therapy is a relaxing and quiet pod filled with saltwater. You can enjoy an entire hour to yourself uninterrupted and experience health benefits that you cannot achieve through other therapies.

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What should I expect from a float therapy session?

You will be in your own private room with a float pod. Your float pod is very roomy, and you won’t feel closed in. Many people who have claustrophobia have easily been able to relax and float inside the pod environment

The float pod has 950 lbs of Epsom salts inside the purified water of the pod. When you step inside, you’ll feel the slippery and soft sensation of the high density of saltwater inside the tank. Lay back into the warm pool of water, which is set at body temperature for ultimate comfort. As the density of the salt is very high, you are unable to sink inside the tank! Experience sheer weightlessness as you relax and lay in quiet solitude.

After your float spa Park City, you can shower with your body care or select body care products we provide. We will provide towels, body and hair care, and your floating experience! Bring yourself and your worries, then leave them behind and feel a sense of calm wellness when your session is complete.

Park City Float Therapy

for Pain Relief

Elements of floatation therapy make this treatment an excellent fit for treating physical pain, helping the body recover from injury and pain-related illnesses. Float Spa Park City clients have reported recovering from physical exertion quicker, less overall inflammation, and a peaceful sense of being after a session.

When we remove external stimuli from our environment inside the float tank, we can almost eliminate the body’s internal stress response, allowing complete relaxation during this treatment. As a result, the action of floating dissolves our “flight or fight” response. It allows our physical and mental state to move into a “rest and recover period that gives us the ability to completely let go and reset our nervous system

The “fight or flight” stress response that we receive every day in varying levels depending on our stress releases excitatory hormones, which bring about inflammation surges, which can be a major player in primary pain triggers.

Float to Sleep


Many medical studies show that patients can get relief from PTSD, insomnia, and anxiety using float therapy. Medical data has well documented the ability of pain to interference with sleep and quality of life. While mostly seen in older adults, this chronic and debilitating cycle can occur at any age. Like how psychological stress creeps into our daily lives, physical pain can also take up a sleep-disruptive presence in our lives. Because this happens slowly over time, pain can overtake our sleep cycle’s serenity, often without our awareness.

Because stress and pain frequently occur together, these two often play off each other in a debilitating and stressful chronic cycle, which creates a large sleep deficiency along with a reduction in our ability to feel and perform our best. This chronic cycle of poor sleep, stress, and pain often lead people to seek help from prescription sleep and pain medications or self-medication with alcohol, caffeine, and other drugs to acquire better quality and quantity of sleep

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